This Is Arsenal!

This Is Arsenal!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Top 10 best signings

Hello everybody. Over the last 23 years, Arsenal have consistently been one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the Premier League. Much of that success has been built on canny business in the transfer market, with Arsene Wenger in particular showing a tremendous eye for a player. So there's list of top 10 best splash cash money by Arsene Wenger in transfer market:
10. Nicolas Anelka

9. Petr Cech

8. Sol Campbell

7. Kolo Toure

6. Marc Overmars

5. Gilberto Silva

4. Robin Van Persie

3. Dennis Bergkamp

2 .Patrick Vierra

1. Theiry Henry

All of the name above is based on their price and contribution to the club that lead Arsenal to fight in English Premier League. Arsene Wenger spending very wisely in the market and in the end the player that he brought become huge part of the team. That's we called him "Arsene Knows".

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